Monday, July 27, 2009

It all started with an op shop ball.

I had a lovely weekend.

It started off with a big shoulder pad affair with an Op-Shop Ball. Then I woke a few hours later to embark on a job filming a play called Oklahoma. Then it was all aboard to the Mixtape/In.cube8r birthday party, then, tired eyed, I ate vego nachos on Brunswick Street in a café window, with 2 of my favorite people, before bed. I woke and spent some time meandering around an organic expo, which led me to buying a new journal. Lastly I swiftly fluttered home to spend the afternoon crafting.

At the Mixtape/In.cube8r Party

Along the way I was reminded of;

(Scarf and pin i made using water-soluble stabilizer, it was the most exciting thing i discovered this week)

Sometimes I lose my place, the world and all of it’s issue burden my mind, I cannot find my place and my head cannot rest. Thankfully I can have weekends like this that uplift my soul, clear my mind, reassure me I’m not the only one who is searching, and remind me not to lose my mind finding my place.

Don't forget about the small things.


big love from the Intern