Monday, June 8, 2009

PURE GENIUS - a music post

We went to see Wagons at the Corner Hotel on Sunday night.
What a night, I got to bed at 2.30AM unheard of these days for me. Wagons are a 6 piece who put on a brilliant show. They can all sing are multi instrumentalists and for the launch had a "man choir"!! and a guest Cello player .
Henry Wagon is a charismatic young lad who sounds like a cross between Johnny Cash & 70's Elvis. Seriously! His voice is effortless and his story telling has you wanting more. Do you love me is definitely song of the year for me and both albums we own are just as good as each other.

Ok and the PURE GENIUS part is the fact that part of their merchandise are TEA TOWELS. For me (being in my middle 30's) and a longtime lover of live music who no longer wears "band t-shirts", the TEA TOWELS are the way to go!
The band are playing locally at the Oakleigh Bowling club late July and if you live in Melbourne and have a soft spot for alt-country it's a gig not to be missed.

The only thing I've got to remember is not to tell our 4 1/2 year old when we go and see them again as she saw Wagons play live at Basement Discs and now keeps asking us when she can go and see them again!

Go on! Make time for the small things - tell 'em mixtapezine sent ya!