Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mixtape and me

(dearfii clan and my baby)

I caught up with a friend yesterday and while we were talking she said ... I'd like to read more about what you are doing, on the blog - make it a bit more personal Justine.
Ok! so I will endeavour to do that and make you the reader feel more a part of mixtape.
You are all the reason why mixtape is about to release it's 10th issue! you are all the reason mixtape has been going for 2 years! you are all the people that give me the motivation and inspiration to keep the zine going. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

So it's school holiday time here in Melbourne and we have been keeping busy. Our little girl has embarked on a 2 x a week yoga course (run by a good friend of mine) The course is specifically tailored to 4-6 year olds. As far as I am concerned it is never too young to start being aware and connected to your body. The teacher puts all the postures into almost like a game and little do the kids know that all their muscles are getting a work out - they even top it off with relaxation at the end. By the end of yesterday I had the little one saying "Mummy you just need to breathe".

On Monday I received my subscriber copy of peppermint #3. I had the pleasure of meeting the husband/wife team behind the mag during my time spent in Brisbane earlier in the year. What a beautifully put together, informative SPUNKY looking magazine. It is hard to believe that it is all put together by the amazing Kelley, not a multi - national company with heaps of mussle and money behind them!

We have done our very first print advertising in Peppermint and we also have a feature on us! Proud as punch I am.

The second issue of Modern Seamster is out - looking forward to the day this one comes out in hard copy. I also got a copy of Sugar City quarterly from my mate Jane - and it's a ripper. Craft Leftovers monthly also landed in the mail box late last week - and is packed to the rim with goodness.

The little lady and her Nanna spent some quality time together sewing the other week. I am pretty impressed with the 4 1/2 year olds skills. I'm thinking we might make this up a downloadable tutorial - would that be something you would be interested in? If so I'll get onto it.

I was interviewed by Anna on Monday here at home for an upcomming indi doco on the rise of DIY craft in Melbourne - exciting times - I am in very good company with this project - gemma jones, pip, craft cartel chicks.

MixtapeGiveaway Monday is on a two week break - we will be back Monday July 13 with a ripper of a giveaway - 5 in total so check back soon.