Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Importance Of...

So to mark the news released earlier this week, that Kodak is ceasing production of their Kodachrome film, after serving us well for 74 years (tear), I just wanted to stress to you all the importance on analogue, not just with photography but with every facet of life. This will be completed in list form below;

  • Analogue doesn’t make error noises.
  • Analogue’s file won’t corrupt.
  • Analogue can be handed down to your grandchildren.
  • Analogue doesn’t have it’s own language i.e. gigabyte, wav, jpegs, tiffs ??!! What is this jargon and why are we putting up with it people?
  • Analogue isn’t automatically updating and requiring a restart in 35 seconds unless you click here now.
  • Analogue won’t need a new hard drive.
  • Analogue didn't just crash.
  • Analogue doesn't need to be rebooted.
  • Analogue isn't burning fossil fuels every time you use it.
  • Analogue’s battery didn’t just run out.
  • Analogue doesn’t need to be ground down into dust and mixed in with cement to then be used in high-rise buildings just to hide the information (this is what the Australian government has to do!).
  • Analogue allows you to shake it like a Polaroid picture.

Finally, I am anti digital, big shock, I know! I love analogue cameras with film and one hour processing and prints and questions such as ‘with or without borders?’ and ‘glossy or matt paper?’. Digital makes me feel like a bit of a liar.
If you are like-minded or would just like to return to the days of old I will suggest the
Golden Half camera. It takes 35mm film and instead of the usual rectangle negative it takes half a 35mm negative vertically. So for a 24 roll of film you will get 48 photos. So you can click away crazily without worrying about how many shots you have left, a bit like you might use a digital camera. Plus you get the euphoric feeling of doing something artistic, which film just seems to ooze these days. Get it here. Otherwise pop down to your local Op-Shop and grab an analogue 35mm camera for under $5, bargain!

Once you have your camera and some lovely film stop reading blogs and go outside and take some moody photos. I want to see evidence.

Love from the Intern