Saturday, June 20, 2009

and the winner is...

Ok last weeks giveaway was the sweet - Baubles (A Christmas tree Quilt) designed by the ace duo Audrey & Maude. The question we asked you was:

Tell us one of your family traditions for Christmas and why you'd like to win this pattern.

My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas the way most people do - decorations, gift exchanging and parties.. Instead we'll go for a ride around town to look at all the decorations outside the shopping malls (where i live, theres a stretch of road with many shopping malls and they sorta 'compete' to see who has the best decoration) and then head home for a huge feast which we will all help prepare. My mum doesn't really like the idea of gift exchange or spending too much on decorations so we hardly have that and the quilt will be very nice to have to make up for the lack of decoration (:

Well done and thanks to all who entered in.
We have the pattern to sell in our shop here and for the month of June I am offering FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!! - for the Baubles (A Christmas tree Quilt)pattern only!