Thursday, May 14, 2009

mixtape mashup #9 MAY 09(B)

mixtape and Whipup's joint venture, we both share our ideas, cool links and general goings on.

Oh my! a bit of craft action has happened here at mixtape headquarters:

Inspired by Nicoles post and my mate Fi's pattern. I finally sat down last night and started my first foray into this calming craft action! It has been nice to start with these tiny ones.

Vickie Howell's Crafty Corps
...The primary goal of both the blog and the book is to nurture our wonderful community by telling your stories and elevating the perception of the value of craft, all crafts, amongst society. Being creative, as a hobby or professionally, is a gift and deserves to be celebrated...

Handmade Nation
When is this out on DVD?? Everybody should see this doco, everybody!

Emerging Writers Festival
mixtape has a stall in the atrium at FED SQUARE on Sunday May 31st from 12-5pm. You will able to buy the current issue.

Meaghan is the CUTEST thing ever and her letterpress cards are to die for.

Can't wait to purchase Gracia's latest zine
Aunty Cookies latest craft scmaft is totally killing me! I will need the WHOLE alphabet.
Susy Pow has an online zine shop which you can check out here

Justin Townes Earl - Midnight at the Movies
Revolutionary Road
Business as Un-usual, thanks for the recommendation Kelley

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