Friday, May 29, 2009

mixtape mashup #11 MAY 09(D)

Well winter is just around the corner and I have a mountain of crafty projects I want to do and some that are already on the go.

Firstly I am going to make a pair of knickers from gemma's pattern
Speaking of making underwear, Amy Karol makes the most rockin' under garments and I just purchased her latest mailorder and will endeavour to do issue 9's mailout and also issue 10 which is all about paper cutting. Issue 9 of mixtapezine features the colourful Tina Tarnoff who is a paper cut artist amongst other things.
I got my latest copy of the sweetest little zine called Crafty Leftovers - it is one very, very special zine.

Blog of the week : Myrtle & Eunice

I am off to RRR on Monday morning to talk to the grapevine chicks about mixtape. In our first ever issue Kylie wrote an article on the community cup. The community cup is a footy match between broadcasters and musicians, and has become an iconic Melbourne event and a celebration of the city's vibrant musical and community broadcasting cultures. And it's all for a good cause!!

I run a fortnightly stitching night at my local fabric store and Nichola has just started a monthly Burda get together at the new Tessuti store that has opened here in Flinders Lane. We all know how popular Brown Owls are and I'd like to know about your sewing group. I am getting some things together for an article for mixtape.
Please email me and tell me about your art/craft/stitching /knitting group:

Issue 9 has a couple of articles about community spirit - craftivism and Handmade Help. I've just watched collectors and they had a segment about peeps that are collecting tea cups to deliver to fire victims, I love that.

We bought a digital set top box a few weeks ago and man am I loving ABC2. Spectacle, Elvis Costello with ... is on as I am writing this, GOOD STUFF!!

The little lady and I went and saw Yo Gabba Gabba today here in Melbourne at the Palais Theatre. It was all I hoped it would be except for the fact that I was hoping the guest muso was going to be Chris Cheney and instead we got Robert Mills...

Have a great weekend! and don't forget that Issue 9 is now available for sale.
Also the winner of our very first weekly giveaway will be announced here on the mixtape blog tomorrow morning and the next giveaway will start from Monday June 1.