Monday, May 11, 2009

lack of post action

Please excuse the lack of post action. My camera is living at a friends place at the moment and it has left me picturless. I've just borrowed my husbands fancy number (which I HATE using) to take some pictures of the gorgeous mail I received this morning.

I had admired these pencils along time ago and never got around to ordering them. I met the AMAZING Ms Red Felt Flower at the show and ordered them directly from her. I was a bit shy/blown away meeting Ms RFF as hers was one of the blogs I read years and years ago, so she is rock'n'roll royalty to me! The attention to details and the simplicity in all her work is just divine.
I am constantly reminded though that we are all in this together and there is mutual admiration flying around all over the place!

I met with my intern (!!) this morning for a coffee on Greville St. We bounced around ideas and set some things in motion. Manderlee will post a couple of times a week here on the mixtape blog. Please make her welcome!

Issue 9 is just around the corner. It goes to print next Monday!! Pre-order here.