Friday, May 15, 2009

jam fancy

portrait, originally uploaded by jamfancy.

I adore all of Christina's work. I own quite a few of her dolls
Next purchase (one day) will be one of her prints. We featured an article on Christina in Issue 3.

Lot's of really exciting things happening here at the home of mixtape. I will be writing a regular post over at Living Creatively and have done a month of advertising with modamuse.

We are making some changes and I wanted to keep you, our readers up to date with them all:

Subscriptions have gone up slightly to reflect the (gradual) price increase of mixtape.

Issue 9 is out in a couple of weeks $7

Issue 10 out Sep 1 $8 (cover Bola Cooper)

Issue 11 out Dec 1 - This will be the NEW LOOK mixtapezine. It will be square in format and retail for $10, it will be jam packed with goodness - I PROMISE you. What's even better is that gemma jones will be designing the cover! yip yip yipppeeeeee.

Any questions? email me anytime


PS - Current subscribers are getting a REALLY good deal hey ;) ...