Thursday, April 23, 2009

mixtape mashup #7

mixtape and Whipup's joint venture, we both share our ideas, cool links and general goings on.
My aim is to post once a week and give you a "round up" of the week that has been. The post will be put up on the mixtape blog and also on the Whipup blog.
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Weekly Giveaway:

Morgan has kindly donated 3 of her divine babushka doll cards. All you need to do is write to me at feedback.mixtapezineAT gmailDOTcom and tell me how you relax!
winner notified in this space next Friday May 1, 2009.

mixtape purchased a badge maker from The Badge Factory, and I have gone into a badge making frenzie. Don't forget that mixtape is making up ltd edition badge sets of A-Z. Our first set was A FOR Alice In Wonderland and are now brainstorming what we can do for B! Any suggestions?? Please go ahead let me know some good B things!

Ozz Handmade has launched their new website, support Aussie artists.
Craft Gossip and mixtape are holding hands throughout April/May
I never ever get sick of Japanese goodness and I love this site for a good reference point.

mixtape is turning 2 in August. We are going to have a joint birthday with Incube.8r late June. I am currently on the hunt for a Melbourne band to play on the night, any volunteers?

Natalie the owner of my favourite Melbourne stores and mixtape are in discussions for the first issue out in 2010 of mixtapezine! It's going to be a ripper!