Friday, March 6, 2009

Stitches & Craft countdown 4 DAYS TO GO!

I lost a few days this week in my countdown to THE SHOW, but I'm back!
Still covered in a mountain of fabric and paperwork but not totally drowning. Look I thrive on stress so I really shouldn't complain...
What have I been doing these past few days? (in between looking after the little lady, my man and running a household).
* Painting frames to put all the mixtape covers in for show display
*Printing back issues
* Filling orders
* Returning emails
* Chasing things up
* Receiving wonderful books to review, which I will do with the help of some friends over the coming month!
*Perle 8ing - I am so glad that this is a weekly thing. Every week I come away from our gathering with renewed enthusiasm.

Martine (and her equally talented husband) who has written for mixtape from the get go has TOTALLY blown me away with this WICKED new fabric range.
Designed & printed in Melbourne by greenolive textiles. It is printed by hand (not mass produced)
Oh my! It surely is the BEST thing in town. I wish you all the best Martine in your fabric adventure. I am SUPER proud to have been your first customer!!