Saturday, March 7, 2009

mixtape mashup #1

mixtape has just embarked on a joint venture with Whipup. We will both be sharing our ideas, cool links and general goings on.
My aim is to post once a week on a Sunday and give you a "round up" of the week that has been. The post will be put up here on the mixtape blog and also on the Whipup blog and vice versa.
So here we go!
We are counting down the days until the new look Stitches & Craft Show opens here in Melbourne at the Show Grounds. It's shaping up to be bigger than Ben Hur. So many brilliant things going on. A couple of worthy mentions: Faythe Levine & Handmade Nation screening daily, The Incubator section where mixtape will be along with loads of other wicked peeps! Sublime Stitching at the Craft Bar and the Blogs Unplugged Area where you will see me hanging around and where you can come and be part of the mixtape "Signature Quilt". mixtape will be at the Brisbane & Sydney Shows also.
A regular contributor to mixtape with her "Crafty 101" articles Martine has just released a beautiful range of hand printed Typography fabric, mmmmmm mmmmm!!
Fellow publishers Thaw have just released Issue 3
Neko Case has a new cd out yippppeeee
Outre gallery raised a heap of $$ for Victorian Fire Victims
Material Obsession's book is being released in the US and we got a copy, it is STUNNING! We will do a review in the next few weeks.
*** Also I have recently started up a weekly sewing group and we are called the Perle 8's. I am very much enjoying the weekly get together where we all have different skills and backgrounds yet it all works. Do you have a regular stitch/knit/craft group? email me at feedback.mixtapezineATgmailDOTcom and tell me about it, please!
mixtape is ALWAYS looking for readers contributions, email me at submissions.mixtapezineATgmailDOTcom if you'd like us to send you submission guidelines. It's a great way to share your work/story with a wide audience.
Hope to hear from you soon.