Friday, March 27, 2009

mixtape and whip up do a dance #4


Today I am working from home - I have a sick little boy and have been
up and down with him all night - I slept in the spare bed in his room
so I could pass the sick bucket to him when needed. This morning I
woke with a neck cramp, chickens at the back door, a warm cat and a
lovely cup of coffee. I have also finally started actively using
Twitter, (thought these
quilts on craftster
were amazing) Nicole set up an account for
whipup ages ago and now its actively being monitored - follow whipup on twitter here - read
this article at croqzine about the benefits of twitter for your

Featured posts this past week include this article about
Rosa Pomar's designs being ripped off
: these finger
look fun and easy to knit : I love Lizzie Buckmaster
Dove's work
: sort of obsessing over the whole field bag thing - how
to make it
and what to
put in it
: did you see Jodi's upholstered selvedge chair - amazing
: I also really dug the paper
telephone sculpture
: and did you catch the cardboard
- must make one of these with the kids : and the paper
dolls knitted t-shirt
is so fantastic - perhaps my highlight for
the whole week.

Other tutes featured this week: love the stuffed donkey
: the giant
granny square
: the fabric
lunch bag
: the ashlar
crochet cardigan
is very sweet : adjust
your dressform
for accurate sewing : zippered
felt pouch tutorial
was very clear : mikes
easter crafts roundup
will get you started on your easter crafting

In discussion - a bit about soulemama and her latest projects
: crafty
buggers - great craft debate
centred around perceived elitism in
the craft community.

Once again thanks for reading and happy crafting everyone!

Thank you Nicole

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Cheers Kathreen
handcraft in a hectic world