Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Issue 9 Artist Profile "Sneak Peak"

One ot Issue 9's (OUT MAY 09) "Feature Artist" Valentina (based in Italy) has these adorable downloadable animals. Check 'em out and tell her mixtape sent you!

FlipZOO is a project conceived, first of all, for don't let you forget that some of our animal friends are today jeopardizing their existence because of human behavior.

We're increasing our planet pollution every day, using plastic, not recycling our goods, letting the produtcts travel for days from the other side of the earth before they'll be used.

We are growing lazier and lazier in making things, we want them ready to use without "building" anything ourselves.

I believe that DIY goods is a small but helping way to protect our "nest earth" having fun too.

FlipZOO papercafts propose themselves in all this different meanings: they are here to remind you we are losing some animals species, they want to make you descover DIY satisfaction, they want you to decrease consume in useless plastic toys that doesn't stimulate your imagination.

Free download flipZOO!

Enjoy in making them and recycle them when you've enough!