Saturday, February 28, 2009

new stockists

Pussycat Black and Arthur's Circus are two new stockists of mixtape, yippeeee!!
Please go to our website to see who else stocks us, as it is updated weekly.

Issue 8 features Peta Pledger in our "Sweet As" section, here are a couple of her swallow brooches which I adore! Just need them in yellow and white and I'll have the set.

I also popped into sticky the other day and picked up a copy of "Set Lists" (second reprint)

It's a corker! Bands I hadn't thought about in years BUT love like, Warped & Dern Rutledge all handed over their set lists after gigs held at the Tote here in Melbourne. Something so simple like 45 set lists to keep me amused. A really cool foreword by Bruce Milne:
Set lists
They're like the hidden hieroglyphics of rock'n'roll...