Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh Mercy!

Our friends at casadeldisco sent us a couple of copies of a sweet single "Seemed Like A Good Idea" by the band Oh Mercy.
I hate to compare them to another other band but this does remind me of the wonderful vocalist Lloyd Cole. I played it a few times loud in the car whilst driving down the coast and Molly and I were singing along in no time. It's a confident, sweet but sexy pop track that has left me dying to hear more. The two demos on the single are both gems also.
You can buy the track via itunes.
Oh Mercy are from Melbourne, Australia. For a short time Alex (the vocalist) and I worked together. We would share our love of music in between serving customers and swapped a few disc's (you loving the Byrds?)
If you like : Josh Rouse, Elliot Smith, Jason Falkner, I reckon you'd dig this band also.