Monday, September 8, 2008

our retailers

a sweet gift given to us both by our friend Kitty B

You can purchase our zine directly from us or you can pick it up at one of
our retailers

Leeloo are one of our retailers. Angela has been very supportive of mixtape from the get go, she supports indie designers and we like to support her! Did you see the shout out Leeloo got in the latest Frankie Mag? Leeloo stock Peta Pledger, Consciententia's Cameos, record bowls by Cat Davidson and much much more. They get new stock in all the time so keep them bookmarked!

Mixtape is going to start stocking crafty things that we personally love. Look out in the next week for patterns from Audrey & Maude and Fabric from Kristen Doran and that's just for starters!