Tuesday, July 29, 2008

right on time!

Tonight Nic and I are collating 500 of mixtape issue 5! The past three months have come to an end and we have a wicked little issue to share with the world. The cover is on 190gsm stock so it's nice and thick and we have much more color.
Yet again friendships have been tested, marriages at boilng point, all in the name of getting mixtape "out there".
Subscribers yours will be in the mail tomorrow along with a special little gift that our FAB friend Fi kindly put together for us xxxxxx
I will be doing a fitzroy/brunswick run on Thursday to drop off issue 5 to a few of our fabo retailers, and all the presells will be in the mail tomorrow/thursday.

We will also be at the Sisters Market THIS SATURDAY with copies of every issue so far for sale, pop in and say hi won't ya?