Saturday, July 19, 2008

Issue 5 is just around the corner!

Issue 5 has been to the proofreader, Sime has just finished designing it and now Nic and I will just give it one last look over before we print the baby! YAY!! This is the part that makes all the hard work worth it. We hope you enjoy this issue as much if not more than all the previous issues. Out August 1, 2008 but pre-selling now.


Love Hate (print)

This past week we ran a competition for our loyal subscribers to go in the draw to win:

Tattoo Darling: The Art of Angelique Houtkamp
Gemma reviewed this book in issue 4 of mixtape:
Okay, this is probably bad taste self promotion since I helped make this book. But maybe if I just declare that you will forgive me. Angelique is a Dutch artist, collector and tattooist. She mixes traditional tattoo iconography with her own dreamy visions and other slices from her preferred historical moments. Nostalgic, sweet, dark and mysterious - Angelique is an inspirational craftswoman both with the watercolour brush and the tattoo gun. It is a testimony to her tough personality and damn fine skill that people everywhere beg to go under her gun and get imprinted for life. Did I say that I love her and I'm bias? Do you forgive me?

The winner of the book is Felicity from NZ and the runners up are: Nerida Naomi & Louise who will all receive one of Angeliques stunning cards in the mail soon.

Big thanks to Outre Gallery (gemma xx) for kindly donating this awesome prize