Monday, July 7, 2008

If you go out in the woods today...

We finally subscribed to Frankie, we have both been buying Frankie for ages and thought that a subscription delivered straight to our PO box was just what was needed.
Well for subscribing we got given these awesome brooches from Made By White. We share things here at mixtape, so Nic got Little Red Ridding Hood and I go to keep the Wolf (quite apt really). Made By White are readers of mixtape and we are now super glad to be owners of their ace wares.

We have just finished our meeting today (while the kids played around us) and have quite a few exciting things in the pipeline. I can't keep secrets but I am learning how to. Let's just say we love and appreciate all the support we get from our fellow crafters and that mixtape is evolving at a nice an steady pace...

BIG THANKS TO Peta Pledger for lending us a machine to make life even easier!!
Lots of Love & Light to Isy xx