Monday, June 23, 2008

word of mouth

She told her and her told me and we all skip together tra la la.......

The Cupcake Project
Draw a picture of a cupcake and then email or snail mail it.
It will then be posted on the Cupcake Project blog.
• The image can be black & white or colour, drawn, painted, sketched, a collage, a doodle, done with pencils or felt tip pens, spray painted, sewn....whatever you want!
• It can be realistic or you can let you imagination run wild
• It could be your idea of the perfect cupcake
• Or your dream cupcake

It's all about getting in touch with the bit of creativity that is inside us all but we don’t always connect with. Cupcakes are so much fun and make everyone happy.

City wants to see if she can get people from all over the world involved in this.
So please spread the word to people you know. Get your kids involved, your friends, co-workers. Have some fun!

Send your cupcake picture to either:
or post to
City Down, PO Box 31871, Milford, Auckland

Go on! Make time for the small things and tell her mixtapezine sent ya!