Sunday, May 25, 2008

Regular contributor profile #3

gemma jones
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

gemma was our first ever feature artist in issue 2. She kindly donated her art to us for a center spread. From issue 3 she become a regular contributor, she brings the "Pop Culture" element to our little zine. Issue 4 she wrote an article on 10 NON-traditional craft books and its a good read.
She is the founder of the "Kaotic Kraft Kuties" and the curator of my favorite gallery "Outre". Her article in the upcoming issue 5 is on Sunny Buick, you just know I'm excited...
Her personality and vibe is infectious, check out more here and here.

Oh and I just spent 5 days in gemma's home town WA and got to the front door of the highly recommended "Hula Bar".
Justine xx