Saturday, May 31, 2008

mixtogether #1

Yesterday Nic and I hosted our first of many "mixtogether" afternoons. We had previously organised 2 blogmeets last year and this is just an adaptation of that which we have molded in with our baby "mixtapezine".
The theme was "Use what you have". So the deal was that you had to come along with a handmade bag made from your stash and fill it with whatever took your fancy. It was great to see everybodys interpretation of the theme.
So we handed the gifts out randomly to the 10 crafty chicks that attended. We all then took a turn opening our gift and reading out aloud the card that accompanied it.
Oh what fun!! all the gifts were amazing, made and thought about with love. I kinda cheated as I picked Kirstys parcel (she makes me smile always) I will write about my gift over at my blog.
Anyhow so that was the first part of the afternoon, then we went onto what will be a given at all future meets our "Signature Quilt".
We asked all participants to come to the meet with a piece of their favourite material pre cut and then we gave everyone a piece of white cotton on which they were to write their name and then embroider it.
Here are a few that were finished yesterday. We will keep you updated on the progress!

Thanks to the following:
and my beautiful friend Jenny who kindly lets us all hangout at her heavenly store every meet xx

We will be running these meets every two months and each one will have a different theme. If you live in Melbourne and have a blog and are interested in attending please email us at and register your interest.

Justine & Nichola xx