Tuesday, March 18, 2008

melbourne international comedy festival

After a few recomendations Sime and I finally got onto "Flight of the Conchords".
Have you seen it yet? Well worth using up some of your download usage I say.
We are lucky enough to have one of the actors from the show in town now for our Comedy Festival check out her character here!

I like what the Age website had to say about Kristen Schaal:
Kristen Schaal - As You Have Probably Never Seen Her Before
A newcomer to the festival, Schaal is best known for her work on a TV comedy series we haven't seen yet - Flight of the Conchords - where she plays the Kiwi duo's obsessed fan. Note to Channel 10: if you actually want to get some value out of this show, schedule it ASAP, otherwise half your audience will have already seen it via the net (myself included). Schaal's stand-up performance should be full of goofy charm.
Craig Platt - The Age