Sunday, November 11, 2007

crazy little thing called mixtape!

WOWZA!! The response to issue 2 has been even better than for issue 1. Thank-you so much for getting behind this little venture. We could not have anticipated the response.
Both Sticky and Mikes sold out of their initial orders and I have been into both stores this week to re-stock. Have you been into Sticky? Its a great little shop and the arcade it is in is to die for.
I took a few happy snaps to show you

If you have a copy of issue 2 you may have noticed on page 27 "Resources for introducing your child to SPANISH", has no author credit. Well it is Laura from The SeaBird Chronicles.
The Seabird Chronicles is about Lauras life as a full-time Wife and Mom and it tracks her twin toddlers as they terrorize Miami! (by way of Texas, Virginia, North Carolina, Germany, and Argentina).
Thanks Laura for your contribution to our little zine ;)

Have a great week everyone!