Thursday, November 1, 2007


Issue 2 sees the debut of a regular column about peoples "collections".
So the first cab off the rank is Marisa.
In our madness we left her blog address off the article (an oversight which we are sorry for, so much time and effort goes into making this zine, please forgive us for going a little bit crazy...).
Now Marisa is a Sydney girl (we love the local content) and when she wrote to us with her collections story I immediately fell in love. My husband and I are lovers and collectors of 50's/60's items so Marisa's 'Functional Fruit' article was right up MY alley! Check out her article on page 4 of the current issue.
Killing time blog
A little diary, tracing my creative pursuits away from my "real" day job. I love my job, but I also love doing my own stuff. In fact, I couldn't make half the work I do if I didn't have my job as it provides me with access to all sorts of cool books, ideas, wonderful people, a kiln, a polishing machine and a drill press.
Do you have a "collection"? that you would like to share? PLEASE send an article into us

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