Wednesday, October 10, 2007

aren't we fancy then?

We purchased a laser jet printer last week so we can print our zine from home. Issue 1 was photocopied, but all issues from now on will be printed on our laser jet. That means the quality has improved 100% YAY!!
Issue 2 is being put together as I write and we aim to have it to the proofreader next week and after we have the go ahead we will print and post it. We can now reprint issue 1, so if you missed out go to the shop and pick yourself up a copy!!

I got myself a signed! copy of this book "SORTED!"
This lady knows the way to my heart, it is a beautifully layed out and simple to read book. I am an organising junkie and this book will be kept only arms length from the mixtape desk.
One of Lissanne's tips which i love is the four Fs:
finish it
forward it
file it
flick it
Taking a little time out to be organized saves a lot of time in the long run.


Just a sneak peak of issue 2's covers (big thanks to Angela:

limited ed
and the standard