Wednesday, September 26, 2007

who's behind issue 2's cover(s) ?

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1. How did you first begin making softies? I love collecting retro
craft books and patterns, I particularly like the quirky soft toy
patterns from the 70's. Having made some soft toys from craft books I
started experimenting with my own designs.
2. Is craft the new black? I definitely feel there is a craft
resurgence, not so much because it's a new trend but because in our
fast paced world we are looking for simplicity. Sewing, cooking and
gardening is offering that simplistic solution, getting back to the

3. What inspired the section on your website that allows people to post images of their completed miss buttons? With the sense of
achievement you feel after making your own miss buttons, of course you
would want to share your workmanship for all to see!

4. Are there any new 'Sew Your Own' products planned? There will be a
number crafty products coming out of the Sew Your Own Head Quarters.
Products that will inspire, motivate and get people excited about
making their own goodies.

5. Will there be a Mr. Buttons? I think secretly we all want a Mr
Buttons that's why I have spotted some great Mr Buttons popping up on
the online photo album. The Miss Buttons pattern is good base to
experiment with to creating your own Mr Buttons, it's all up to the

6. What are you hoping to achieve with Sew Your Own? (business goals, personal goals, social goals) Sew Your Own's goals are to empower,
inspire and evoke creativity in my customers. I feel that our new
generation of tech savvy kids are missing out on some fundamental
skills that help foster creativity. My goal is to get others excited
about sewing by helping them find their own creativity. I want to
share my love of craft not only through basic sewing skills, but also
in sharing the fun and sense of achievement you feel when you finish
your own sewing projects.
7. Are you a part of any craft groups/societies? I am a member of
Craft Victoria and the Kensington Village Network. Both facilitate the
formation of 'groups' of likeminded artist and craftsperson – to meet,
share ideas and support each other. These groups help in recognising
that 'Craft' and the art of making is an important creative skill to
nurture and encourage.